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  • Jonathan A. Allan (Assistant Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies, Brandon University; email: allan…@brandonu.ca) Areas of interest: Sexuality and Gender Studies, Masculinity Studies, Queer Theory, Affect Theory, Experimental Critical Writing.
  • Eirini Arvanitaki (PhD student, University of Hull; email: e.arvan…@2010.hull.ac.uk) Areas of interest: Contemporary English Literature, Gender Studies, Popular Romance Fiction, Feminism.
  • Sandra Barletta (Independent Scholar, Australia; Email: dr…@tpg.com.auAreas of Interest: Women and ageism in romance fiction and popular culture; ageist stereotypes in fiction; ageism and romantic love.
  • Shelley Adina Bates (PhD student, Lancaster University; California) Areas of interest: I have an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, and am embarking on a Ph.D. in Creative Writing. Interests include religious studies, the author/reader relationship, and the courtship story across genres..
  • Ancy Bay (Research scholar, University of Hyderabad, India; Andrapradesh; email: ancy…@gmail.com) Areas of interest: Popular Literature/Romance.
  • Mara Blair (Graduate student, University of British Columbia; email: mara…@gmail.com) Areas of interest: Children’s and young adult literature, cross dressing, gender and sexuality, Japanese popular culture, romance, shōjo manga and anime, women’s literature.
  • Jennifer Brassel (Graduate, independent scholar, The University of Sydney; Australia; email: j…@jenniferbrassel.com) Areas of interest: All romance, especially historical and cross-genre (am also an author of romance & young adult fiction).
  • Jennifer Buehner (Graduate Student, University of Tuebingen; Germany; email: jennifer…@uni-tuebingen.de) Areas of interest: Sexuality and Gender Studies, Relational Sociology, Psychoanalytic Theory, popular culture with a focus in popular fiction genre.
  • Sutapa Chaudhuri (Assistant Professor, Dr. K. L. Bhattacharyya College, Calcutta University, India; Kolkata, India; email: sutapa…@gmail.com) Areas of interest: Literature, Gender, Film, Cultural Studies.
  • Ria Cheyne (Lecturer, Liverpool Hope University) Areas of interest: Disability in literature, popular genre fiction, contemporary literature.
  • Ashleigh B Curp (Graduate Student, Indiana University-Bloomington; USA; email: a…@iu.edu) Areas of interest: romance adaptation, reception/audience/fan studies, gender, sexuality, desire.
  • Jin Feng (Professor, Grinnell College; USA; email: feng…@grinnell.edu) Areas of interest: modern Chinese literature and culture, Internet romance, food.
  • Lisa Fletcher (Senior Lecturer, University of Tasmania; Tasmania, Australia; email: Lisa…@utas.edu.au) Areas of interest: genre theory; speech act theory and performativity; historical romance fiction; gender and sexuality; colonial and postcolonial literary studies; space, place and literature.
  • Meghanne Flynn (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Cambridge; UK; email: mt…@cam.ac.uk) Areas of interest: Young Adult Supernatural Romance, Popular Culture Studies, Nineteenth-century British Gothic, American Gothic, Monsters, Historical Romance, Children’s Literature, Fairy Tale Adaptation.
  • William Gleason (Professor, Princeton University; Princeton, NJ; email: b…@princeton.edu) Areas of interest: The history of popular romance fiction in the U.S.; 19th c. story papers and dime novels; genre fiction; space, place, and literature; pedagogy.
  • Crystal Goldman (Academic Librarian/Instruction Coordinator, University of California, San Diego) Areas of interest: Intersections between libraries and popular romance; censorship and prejudice faced by the romance genre and its authors.
  • Nattie Golubov (Research Professor, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Mexico City, Mexico) Areas of Interest: Contemporary romance and crime fiction, paranormal and urban fantasy romance, romance and authorship.
  • An Goris (Postdoc, Princeton University / University of Leuven; Princeton, New Jersey / Leuven, Belgium; email: an…@arts.kuleuven.be) Areas of interest: authorship; genre; Nora Roberts; paratext; literary institutions; translation; serialization.
  • Angela Hart (PhD Student, American University;Washington, D.C.; email: a…@gmail.com) Areas of interest: Contemporary romances; feminism; representation; writing; the happily ever after.
  • Ann Herendeen (Novelist; Cataloging librarian, American Museum of Natural History; New York City; email: ann…@gmail.com) Areas of interest: Bisexual menage m/m/f; alternative families; Georgette Heyer; Jane Austen; 17th-18th century English literature, including the “long eighteenth century” through the Regency and Romantic periods.
  • Jackie Horne (Independent Scholar; United States; email: jackie…@aya.yale.edu) Areas of interest: Romance fiction and Feminism.


  • Girish Jay (Independent Scholar; India; email: rasa…@gmail.com) Areas of interest: Popular culture.
  • Betty Kaklamanidou (Lecturer; Greece; email: betty…@gmail.com) Areas of interest: Film, romantic comedy, politics, gender.
  • Jayashree Kamble (Assistant Professor, CUNY; New York; email: ka…@umn.edu) Areas of interest: History of popular romance fiction and individual texts as refractions of socio-political and economic debates. Visual culture, including television, the materiality of romance novels, and cinema from Bombay (Mumbai).
  • Artemis Lamprinou (Associate Lecturer, University of Surrey; Guildford, UK; email: a…@gmail.com) Areas of interest: Translation Studies, Literary Criticism, Single-Title Romances, Bestsellers, Cultural Psychology, English Culture and Literature, Popular Culture.
  • Katherine Lee (Associate Professor, Indiana State University; Terre Haute; email: kath…@indstate.edu) Areas of interest: Popular Culture; Modern, Post-Modern, and Contemporary American Literature; Theories of Race and Identity; Gender Theory.
  • Amy Matthews (Senior Lecturer, English & Creative Writing, Flinders University; South Australia; Email: amy…@flinders.edu.auAreas of Interest: Feminism and popular romance, Historical romance, Westerns, Post/Colonial historical romance fiction, Creative Writing.
  • Leila Monaghan (Lecturer, Northern Arizona University) Areas of interest: Kinship in romance, cross-cultural variation.
  • Pradipta Mukherjee (Assistant Professor, English, Vidyasagar College for Women, University of Calcutta; Kolkata, India; email: prad…@hotmail.com) Areas of interest: Literature and Cinema, Adaptation Studies, Cultural Studies, Diaspora, Gender.
  • Elham Naeej (PhD Student, University of New South Wales; Sydney, Australia; email: e.n…@student.unsw.edu.au) Areas of interest: Feminism; women’s identity; cultural studies; Iranian literature; romance novels and popular fiction, postcolonial studies.
  • Maria Nilson (Associate Professor, Department of Film and Literature, Linnaeus University; Växjö, Sweden) Areas of interest: Chick lit, paranormal romance, historical romance, teen romance.
  • Magdalena Ozarska (Jan Kochanowski University; Poland) Areas of interest: 19C English and Polish women’s novel and life writing.
  • Kristin Ramsdell (Librarian Emerita, California State University, East Bay; email: kristin…@csueastbay.edu) Areas of interest: History and Development of the Popular Romance, Popular Romance and Libraries, Romance Readers’ Advisory.
  • Pamela Regis (Professor of English, McDaniel College; Westminster, MD, USA; email: p…@mcdaniel.edu) Areas of interest: The romance novel’s genre, form, and history, esp. in America. Romantic love more generally. Pedagogy, both literary and creative, i.e., teaching the writing of romance.
  • Stephanie Russo (Senior Lecturer,Macquarie University; Sydney, Australia; Email: stephanie…@mq.edu.auAreas of Interest: Historical romance, Georgette Heyer, eighteenth-century romance, history of romance, Anne Boleyn, the Tudors.


  • Eric Selinger (Professor, DePaul University; Chicago; email: esel…@depaul.edu) Areas of interest: Individual popular romance novels, considered as works of art; histories and theories of romantic love (AKA “Love Studies”); love in poetry, popular music, Indian film, and Korean TV dramas; popular romance pedagogy; editor of the Journal of Popular Romance Studies; scholarly advisor to the Popular Romance Project.
  • Lesley Ann Smith (Graduate student; Curtin University; Western Australia; email: lsm…@iinet.net.au) Areas of interest: Structure; form; single title novel; romantic suspense.
  • KT Torrey (graduate student, Virginia Tech) Areas of interest: slash fiction, christian romance novels, women’s negotiation of fantasy and desire in online spaces, gender and sexuality.
  • Angela Toscano (Graduate Student, University of Iowa; email: ang…@uiowa.edu) Areas of interest: The early 18th-century novel, women writers, narratology, amatory fiction, seduction narratives, romance tropes, conventions and cliches, representations of violence, post-secularism, and ritual studies.
  • Laura Vivanco (Independent scholar; UK) Areas of interest: Harlequin Mills & Boon, cultural beliefs and attitudes expressed in US romance novels.
  • Wendy Wagner (Professor, Johnson & Wales University; Providence, RI; email: w…@jwu.edu) Areas of interest: Popular Culture Studies, Television Studies, Social Media, Popular Romance Fiction, African American Literature, American Literature, Women’s and Gender Studies.
  • Alicia Williams (Independent scholar; West Sussex, UK; email: exploits…@googlemail.com) Areas of interest: Harlequin Mills & Boon; category romance; series romance; adaptation and appropriation theory; cultural expectations of romance; perceptions of romance.
  • Maggie Worth (Graduate student, Clayton State University; Georgia, US; email: ma…@maggieworth.com) Areas of interest: How segregation, non-inclusion, and stereotyping in popular fiction perpetuate the myth of otherness; definition of “romance” as a genre; current thesis work examines subgenres such as “interracial romance,” etc. as segregation.